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Standing, L-R:  Julian Rowland on Mandolin,  Tom Langdon on Resonatar Guitar, Greg Penny on Bass.

Seated, L-R:  Danny Stanley on Guitar and Randy Smith on Banjo

Danny Stanley [seated front row, left] is one of the finest entertainers on the bluegrass circuit today. His lead resonant voice continues to amaze audiences as few lead singers can. He handles the guitar and mandolin chores for the band and writes many of the songs he sings. Danny’s abilities to change into the comical character of “Hobo Joe” keep fans in stitches. His dead-on imitations of several well-known artists such as Lester Flatt, Mac Wiseman, Jim Reaves, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and even Elvis Presley are always a treat. Danny toured several years with his family, The Stanleys, before becoming a member for 13 years with Carolina Sonshine. Fans are amazed at Danny’s great talent and rave about the wonderful performance he brings to the stage.

Danny is co-founder and co-leader of The Gentlemen of Bluegrass. Danny Stanley is married to Mary Sharon Stanley. He has four children and 12 grandchildren. He enjoys fishing, painting portraits, spending time with his grandchildren, and songwriting.


Tom Langdon [standing, middle, back row] co-founder of The Gentlemen of Bluegrass, played with several regional bands before joining the touring groups Carolina Sonshine and Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road. Although he performs with the banjo, resonator guitar, and Scruggs style guitar, his early influence was mainly the guitar of Chet Atkins. At the age of 14, he got his first sight of Flatt and Scruggs as they performed on the back of a flatbed truck in his nearest town, Four Oaks, NC. He was intrigued by the sound of Scruggs' banjo. Shortly after, his brother-in-law, Eugene Snead, let him borrow his banjo to learn on. He sings baritone vocal part and that assists the Gentlemen in getting the vocal blending that they are noted for.

Tom is married to Lorraine Jordan and has one daughter, three sons, and four grandchildren. He is retired from school administration and owns an earned doctorate from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Tom enjoys engineering at his West Station Studio in which many well known bluegrass talents have recorded. He also provides sound for the Garner United Methodist Church.


Julian Rowland   [standing, left, back row] also known as JC, has been playing music and singing since receiving his first guitar at the age of nine. He grew up in Lexington, NC where he lives with his wife, Bonnie. Between them, they have two daughters, a son, and five grandchildren.

JC did not get into bluegrass music until he met Ronnie Prevette, former mandolin and tenor singer for Jimmy Martin. Ronnie also grew up in Lexington. Ronnie showed him some chords and became a big development influence. JC met John Duffey and The Seldom Scene in Denton, NC in the early 80's and has been hooked on bluegrass ever since. JC's first band was a local group called Backyard Bluegrass. Then, while attending a Jim and Jesse & The Virginia Boys show, he met Howard Honeycutt and members of Movin On Bluegrass. They were needing a mandolin player and tenor singer. He joined the group and stayed there for ten years.

JC shares his faith by playing electric rhythm guitar at Lexington Community Church in Lexington.

JC became a member of The Gentlemen of Bluegrass in January 2013. His mandolin playing and vocals reflect the style and sounds of his mentors, Prevette and Duffey. His inclusion with the Gentlemen rounds out their well known vocals and tight harmonies.


Greg Penny  [standing, right, back row] remembers playing music at an early age with his dad. At age eleven, he played guitar while his dad sang at prisons and rest homes. Soon, he switched to playing drums for many years in various bands and churches. Later, he fell in love with bluegrass music and experimented on different instruments before settling on the bass. He has played with Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, The Kudzu Ramblers, and now with The Gentlemen of Bluegrass. His great timing and tone is the core for the rhythm of the band, He also sings lead on gospel quartet numbers. Greg is married with three children and lives in Garner, North Carolina.



Randy Smith [seated front row, right] grew up in Monroe, North Carolina. As a child, he was influenced by his Dad's love for music. Throughout his early years there was always Flatt and Scruggs and Bill Monroe's music playing in his home. Earl Scruggs was his main influence and motivated him to want to learn the banjo. His other influences include JD Crowe and Sonny Osborne. Randy has played with several regional bands. Other than being one of the greatest guys one would ever want to meet, he is blessed with the great ability to pick a driving banjo or give support to the band with his delicate and tasteful backup.  Randy also sings lead and harmony parts.  Randy is thankful that God has blessed him with the talent and opportunity to play with The Gentlemen of Bluegrass.




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